Welcome to our page, mostly concerned with adventures ( or misadventures) in Sailing.  All
new updates Oct 2007.  Not a lot of entertaining stories added, just pictures.  Of course,
if you are a long time follower of the web page and want to read
the archives, link to the older Tenacious web home pages below.
The Boats,
There have been many, maybe I should have been more faithful along the way ...
But we all know how our eyes wander when on occasion we are tempted by forbidden fruit.

The Boats:
Growing up with the Mirocraft 14 (pictures tbd)
Sevylor Inflatable Kayak (pictures tbd)
12' Foot Udisco, the "Garbage Scow" (amazing adventures) (pictures tbd)
35' charter Sailboat 1986 - the adventure begins (pictures tbd)
14' Cataraft - "GS2", amazing boat (pictures tbd)
294' Windjammer SV Legacy  okay it's just a cruise ship, BUT FUN
Laguna Windrose
8' Sears Ghost
Tenacious, the Queen of the fleet, 44' Lafitte
Link to old 2006 Home Page
 Link to our Year in CA & Mexico, 2004 - 2006
 Link to our 2002 - 2003 Sailing & Home Page,
   (sailing in CA, CO and FLA before the big adventure)
Mach II Snark -
16' Chrysler
Lone Star
Justin crewed aboard Quester an
Oyster 56 in Baltic & North Seas
20' Santana

23' Precision   our newest
Justins Sweet Ride,
Quester - Oyster 56
in the North Sea
TENACIOUS !  LaFitte 44
Mach II
Lonestar 16
LaFitte 44 - LaFitte 66
All kinds of e
ntertaining stuff I have
racked down on LaFittes.  
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SV Legacy
Theoretically, I also planned to use this Web Page for:
David Dodds Mechanical Design -
Follow the link for some information, but since I keep being distracted by
gainful employment I do not have a lot of creative information there.
Maureen added some pictures of her new Horse "Coogan" !
Maybe soon we will have an awards pag
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