Food of Mexico - Okay, this page is because David and Maureen don't want to forget their
gastronomic adventures, if you want to read it go right ahead, this is good stuff   ;)
Bahia Santa Maria - The beach party, the lobster was the best I've ever had.  It was great, plus David
ordered 2 dinners, primera con pescado, segundo con camarone

Cabo San Lucas- Maureen's Hotel, Rafael's.  A very quaint Inn, beautiful atmosphere and very yummy
food.  M-Steak with Peppers, D-Chili Relleno del Mar
Also @ Billigans Island, a great Pescado Frita, and @Mango's M-Shrimp Taco's to die for, K goes for
the smoothies !

Bahia Los Frailes - Pablo's.  Just a little Palapa down a dirt road, we hitched a ride with Pablo in his
totally trashed Chevy the 1st time.  Good beer, Margaritas, entrees and conversation.  Duke concurs.  
And we also had some great Pescado out of the amarillo truck, fixed aboard Tenacious.

La Paz -
  - Thanksgiving !  Wow, we brought David's usual big meal fresh fruit salad with yogurt & cream
     cheese dressing, but can you imagine trying 40 different kinds of homemade dressings, 40
     different salads, 40 mashed potatoes, a table of deserts, a mountain of Turkey.  OMG - TDay
     with the family has always been a treat, but when 150 families put together a feast, amazing.
     David votes that this is the best snarf-fest-Thanksgiving he has ever attended.  He really
     does appreciate all the excellent family TDays & Xmas Feasts that trained him to appreciate
     this special, ultimate Turkey Day feast.
  - Buffalo Barbeque, great steak, ribs, fillet mignon - num num num
  - El Taste, numero uno Ceviche.  Dorado mas excelante.  Also Puerco Costilla (pork ribs) mucho              
    bueno, a sweet sauce that was very unique - almost asian in style.
  - Los Arcos, nice old hotel.  Cost effective, great calamari.  We all enjoyed the meal very much.
  - Buffalo Barbeque, we had to go back
  - Spotted tree Ice Cream.  The kids will never forget the 81 flavors, and right next door was ...
  - Exquisite Cafe.  Dulce de Leche, Irish Cream Cheese Cake, Cafe Americano's, best desert in town     
      (when it was fresh)
  - Las Brisas del Mar.  David & Maureen, we can't remember which fish items & beef items we had.        
      The food was excellent, for postres the coffee was the best we had found to date, and the 3            
      musicians were the best guitarists we have seen in Mexico.  Beautiful rendition of                                 
      Guantanamera at our table.

Caleta Partida - All Home Cooked
  - Aboard Aquarius, we brought some yummy beans and port, and they fixed a great meal with                
     chicken & salad &  rice
  - Great chicken Tostadas, Chicken burritos excellante
  - Calamari, okay just kidding, we did not eat any of the 500 squid washed up on shore,but next time?

Mazatlan -
  - Purple Onion, K and M had some nummy good stuff - David wants to go back for Karaoke
  - All you can eat mexican fishy place in gold zone, D & M.  Special note - The magaritas here are full      
     size and good, we are going back.
  - The Mercado - Down below are the scary things like the rows of pigs heads and chickens, but             
      upstairs are a bunch of little restaurants.  For only 3 bucks each - Pollo Frita por David, thought it     
      was great, Maureen had chicken taco's says good - fine (Captain cheap skate wants to return).
Senor Peppers'  OMG OMG OMG
     The biggest, bestest beef in our life, a great Mexican Merlot, a real home made Ceasar salad            
      por dos that was excellent.  On the salad, they make the dressing at your table, complete with the     
      raw eggs - it was the best.  Then for postres, the coffee, the coffee, the coffee - unbelievable.        
      Maureen wants to mention the chocolate mouse, but I'll only give it a B-.  Live jazz/easy listening       
      guitar also B- but nice.  An Excellent dining experience (oops and our priciest to date).
  - Old Town, little square.  D & M had a tasty snack, it's all a blur, but the Chihuahua queso fundido         
      con pimento's y cebolla is exellent and muy easy to prepare on our on barque.

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