Kayak Trip
Kayak Trip

     After deciding that I would not help crew aboard the boat for the
day a learned that there was only one way that would happen.  I
decided that instead of going abourd Tenacious to the next bay I
would kayak instead.  Now while looking at my map it really wasn’t
one bay away it was really three bays away.  This almost changed
my mind.  
     If I was to stay on Tenacious then we would be out at sea for
three hours making water plus the time it took to raise and then
lower the anchor.  So I figured I would just kayak and then I could
spend the rest of the day on my own private beach.  My sister on the
other hand thought that something bad was going to happen and I
was going to die!  So she insisted that I was not to go but stay with
the family.  My father thought that it was a great idea and was all for
     When the trip started there was a north east wind and I thought
about raising my makeshift sail instead of paddling, but I didn’t.  
When I got out of the bay and was along the coast of the island the
wind changed and started to come out of the north west.  This
meant that I would spend the whole trip paddling dead into the wind,
and because I am a male I couldn’t turn back, I hade to finish the
Departure from the boat
Kayak beached
when we were at
Early on there was a little seal who decided that he would say hi.  
My first impression was that it was a shark and that my sister was
right, the shark was going to kill me.  In the end the shark turned
into a seal and went on bye.  The first large bay that I had to cross
was small but from inside the kayak it looked like miles.  It ended up
only taking about 15 minutes to cross.  On the second real bay I
noticed that there were four shimmering objects across the way.  As
I was a fourth of the way across it turned out to be the paddles of
two fellow kayakers.  At first we were headed towards each other
but they changed there course and went into the bay instead of
staying out at sea.  While I aproched the last bay and my entrance
to where tenacious would be ancored for the night I was met by yet
another seal.  This seal was huge, one of the biggest I had ever
seen and he came fully out of the water to take a good look at me.  
When I entered the third bay the wind had picked up imenslly.  It
made my finial travels quite hard.  When I reached the coast line on
the northern side of the bay the wind slowed down and I was able to
get some drided mangos from my bag.  I ate them quikly and then
prepared for the landing at Ensanada Grande.  In true Normandy
fashion I hit the beach quikly and pulled my kayak up and took out
any restance without trouble.  There really was no battle just a
bunch of tourist that were there from a tour boat out of La Paz.  On
the beach I set up a canopy and ate a snickers and read while I
wated for the arrivle of Tenacious.
Kayak Under sail.  This was the first
time that we sailed the Kayak.
Justin and Katherine returning from a
sail on the kayak