Tenacious - LaFitte 44
Tenacious Owners Manual - PDF
Everything was emailed to SV Outbound, who merged it with some info they had
collected and they posted it to a Sailing World Forum discussion on LaFittes:    

This data looks similar to that posted at (with most personal contact info deleted):   
Blue water boats looks to be the best LaFitte site going - Good Work !

Original research (stalking) by Tenacious through:
USCG CGMIX PSIX Search Page & NOAA vessel doc
Tenacious system drawings - PDF
LaFitte 44 - misc Docs
Coast Guard research -
Reference Docs for PDFs
Tenacious Owners Manual - RTF    Big - 7MB zipped

Tenacious System Drawings - BMPs,   Big 1 - 2 MB ea
   Emergency Safety
   Fuel Polisher
   Sump & Bilge
   Thru Hulls
   Water Maker
   Hull for Docs
   Hull 2 for Docs
Reviews - data:
     LaFitte Original Sales Brochure (I think)
     LaFitte Review & Letter - From Bob Perry
     LaFitte Review - Nautical Quarterly Summer '85      Big - 9 MB
     LaFitte Review - Nautical Quarterly Winter '79
       Incomplete and kind of hacked - Send me a better one to post !!!
LaFitte Review - Yachting, '80, '82, '86
     LaFitte Review - David Pascoe - (link)

     Perry - 100 designs later
     Some answers about LaFitte

Send me your links/scans and I will post them here.
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Yachting 80,82,86
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