The untimley death of Katherine's close friend,
Mr. Peanut
Mr. Peanut during happier times.
of Duke's
idea of a
Sadly, in the cool breeze and fine
sunshine of the morning of January
3, 2006, Mr. Peanut was finally
discovered by the ravaging hungry
Duke.  Peanut was doing his usual
sunbathing upon the roof of the
bathroom, when Duke spotted the
tiny morsel and gruesomly chomped
off peanut's flawless head.
The Grave Stone, courtesy of David.
"He had the  cutest little hair
flip,"  Katherine sobbed
when she was told the
horrifying news.
All of the crew of Tenacious
(except Duke), will mourn the
loss of this trustworthy, kind,
hardworking, and talkative
Second Mate.  
May you rest in
peace sweet Peanut.

Mr. Peanut was saved from the cruel slave trade of
living in a basket awaiting one's death at the
restaurant, "Quinn's" in Oakland, California by
Katherine when she noticed he was quite an unusual
peanut.  When she was selecting a peanut to munch
on, her fingers grasped our good friend and she
screamed in delight when she noticed that he was a
three bodied peanut.  That night she took peanut
home with her and made him a bed out of tissues.  
Katherine and Mr. Peanut spent many a night
whispering in their front cabin and giggling at their
boat mates.