La Paz Once Again
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  We sailed as best we could, staying close to shore, and still trying to head in a northerly direction.  
The ever informative hand held GPS projected our ETE (estimated time enroute) anywhere from 48
to 61 hours depending on which tack we were on...Eventually M had had enough and the engine was
engaged for a more direct approach towards La Paz.  On and on we went, and went, and went....  The
winds were ahead but the seas were calm enough.  As the trip progressed we overheard the 6 boats
in front of us, on the same trek (they had left earlier in the day on the 1st high tide), chatting on the
radio.  Surprisingly some of them were complaining about the roughness of the trip.  
Tenacious never
complained and we found it alomst comfortable.  
Sunrise the second day found us in San Lorenzo channel once again!  We all agreed the water color
was far superior to the green murk we had been enjoying over on the mainland.  Maureen for one was
glad to leave the humidity behind for the dry desert heat and scenery.  
Editors note:  Maureen may
be enjoying the dry weather, but the real benifactor may be her skin care product supplier.
On our return we pulled into marina Costa Baja, a couple of miles further out of La Paz, but closer to
Pichilingue.  The main area of the marina is thru a small channel behind a big hotel, and was
surrounded by little shops and restaurants.  We found it most agreeable, other than the fact that
walking to town was pretty much out of the question.  We never really figured out how to make buses
stop for you along the road (which was quite simple on the mainland).
Our first morning found David and Maureen in a taxi to Pichilingue.  Lo and behold, a few hours later
we had an import permit in our hands!!!  A celebration was called for, so we all headed to the Buffalo
Barbecue in town for another round of the best steaks to be found!  A tour of the wine cellar was
enjoyed by all, and a fine bottle of wine selected for our dinner.  Sadly Duke had to stay at home and
take his chances with leftovers..
Over the weekend D and M contemplated all of the options now that the import permit was out of
the way... and there were lots of options...  By Monday we decided maybe the kids should head to CA
for a visit with their mom, which would also serve to take care of their visa problems.  At the same
time, M and D hopped up to Vegas (cheapest destination) for 2 nights to take care of visa
extensions.  Poor Duke spent a few nights at Arturo's (recommended by the vet in town) in a kennel,
he enjoyed going for walks with Arturo in his yard, and no doubt barking incessantly with all of the
rest of the dogs in neighboring cells.   Other than collecting a few ticks, he seemed none the worse
when we retrieved him Friday night.
 One morning while walking down our dock, Maureen stopped to admire a teak deck on one of the
sailboats.  As David caught up and she pointed out the teak, he suggested she take in the bigger
picture (as in the whole boat).  Sure enough-it was another Lafitte 44'!  Kelly Marie had been
purchase by Bob and Janet in Greece, and had sailed the Atlantic with them.  They were back in La
Paz after an attempt up the outside which met with  blustery head winds south of Mag Bay.  Now
they were contemplating other options, but unfortunately the Dockwise boat that would depart La
Paz in May was theoretically full.  We had to date not considered the Dockwise route as we assumed
it was cost prohibitive.  However when we got a quote from Dockwise, it seemed doable (although we
would have to wait until the next departure in Sept. violating our terms of current insurance which
wanted us north of the hurricane zone by June 1.
 Oh well, time enough to figure things out... emails started between us and our insurance broker.  We
bumped into Ron and Tam from
The Boat.  Tam being one of Dukes favorite people (she always
greets him with outspread arms and a big "DUUUUKE)!  Ann and Mike from Night Flight (old
dockmates from Gate 11 in Alameda) were at Costa Baja as well (along with their Giant Schnauzer,
Boris, NOT one of Dukes favorite dogs....).
 We stocked up on food, had one last ceviche snack at "El Taste" and realized that it was still the
best ceviche we had ever encountered!  Monday afternoon at high tide we took off for a month of
sailing with just David, Maureen and Duke.
                                                                            - M
Sister Ship - Kelly Marie
w/ Bob & Janet
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