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     After extracting ourselves from the mud, we managed
to anchor and anxiously awaited the arrival of the French
baker.  Sure enough, along came a panga filled with all sorts
of goodies!  Chocolate croissants, almond croissants, ham
and cheese croissants, baguettes and more!  We never
waved goodbye without putting in our order for the
following day and handing over at least ten dollars.
    The town of Barra de Navidad is filled with wonderful
little restaurants and hotels, cobblestone streets, and tons
of stores selling beach items, pottery, and clothing.  We
had some great dinners, one fondly remembered at
Izadoras on the waterfront (chocolate walnut cheesecake!).
  The marina at the Grand Bay resort  commands high
prices, but Maureen took pity on everyone and volunteered
to spring for a few days in a slip for all of the birthdays
lined up.  
    Prior to our relocating to the marina where we would
have free run of the hotel and its spacious swimming pools,
Katherine, Justin, and Paula (
Genesis) crashed the pool area
for an afternoon.  The pool slide proved to be a negative
experience for Katherine as a bit of poor planning  resulted
in a serious crash removing one of her front teeth.  She and
her dad raced off in a taxi, along with the tooth hiding in a
glass of milk, to Manzanillo looking for a dentist to
hopefully remedy the situation.  The tooth was reinstalled,
new braces to help hold things in place, and all returned to
normal for the time being.  The astute reader will recall
that Katherine had her braces removed when we were in
San Diego last fall, and she is not overly thrilled to have
them back on.
    The Day Family off of
DayDreams returned to Barra on
their way north and we all enjoyed some dinners together
as well as afternoons at the pool.
the Grand
bay resort
across the
from Barra
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