OK, time to get on with things...David &
Maureen spent 4 days in Long Beach
wandering thru Naples, avoiding
thundershowers, and doing laundry.  The kids
were off with their mom for a couple of weeks
so David, Duke & Maureen made their way out
to Catalina Island and spent  2 nights in Avalon
and then motored on down to San Diego.  The
next 10  days were spent at anchor in Glorietta
Bay doing last minute things, exploring
Coronado Island & attending HaHa festivities.

The kids rejoined us the day before the rally
was to start and it appeared  that we were
actually ready to head for Mexico.  Sadly, for
the first time since it's inception, Maureen
actually had enough things to do that Breeders
Cup day was completely forgotten until
Kathleen called to remind her.  She left David
w/ the huge load of groceries while she found a
bar in time to watch the classic.
                                                         - M
Maureen watches our approach
to Avalon Bay, Catalina Island
David & Duke at work on their
memoirs  (yet unpublished)
Avalon Bay Harbor, and the picturesque
village of Avalon.  We rented golf carts
and did a quick lap around the hillsides
surrounding the harbor.
Final approach
to Avalon Bay
The view towards San Diego, from
our anchorage in Glorietta Bay on
Coronado Island.
Link to another Version of our
Trip South (
A lost letter
written regarding SF to LB to
Cat Island to San Diego)

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