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2nd Mate
    Duke is a fine sea faring lad, having spent at least 8 hours
sleeping aboard prior to his first actual voyage.  He plans on
carrying on the fine tradition of life at sea first exhibited by his
dear sister Charlotte.  Charlotte as you recall had
the opportunity to crew aboard "The Lazy Fish" for
a summer and to man the fortress on the isle of
Grand Lake with Justin.

    While not having served extensively at sea
prior to his appointment as 2nd Mate, Duke never
the less has had significant experience along the
waterfront.  He can often be found napping in the
corner of a seedy wharf bar, ready to recount tales
of encounters with pirates and near-do-wells of all
sorts.  If you are fortunate he may even tell you
the particularly harrowing tale of how he nearly
lost his ear in an extremely difficult battle of his youth. The
vicious encounter was with an extremely large cur belonging to a
pirate wench of disreputable repute.  Duke's account of how he
handled these two serves as a fine testament to his future
success as a sea faring officer.
Duke and Charlotte,
at home, 2004
Dukes own words as reported by
the aforementioned pirate wench of
questionable repute ......

at the Helm