Duke's acct of how he nearly lost an ear-

     "Christ, there we were, Soper's hole, Tortola, a dark alley next
to a house of ill repute ( I was being led astray by one of the male
crew members).  And there they were, the meanest looking bunch of
island riffraff I'd ever come across.  Fear was not an option.  They
were led by an extremely well proportioned blond wench who I knew
went by the name of Bianca (word travels fast in these port towns).  
She outweighed me by at least 30 lbs so I knew I’d have to act fast in
order to have the upper paw.  Without warning I charged.  I went for
her front leg, hoping I could latch onto it and render her helpless, but
she'd been living on the streets for too long & guessed my strategy.  
She did the "husky roll" whereby she flopped onto her shoulder
protecting the leg I was going for, and in one swift move had my neck
in her jaws.  I struggled, but alas could get no hold on the ground,
sadly my attack had started in the very same spot where they dump
the spittoon hourly!   With what seemed to be my last breath I
managed to growl out some comments about her parentage that made
even her stand up & take notice.   She had loosened her grip!   I tore
free & got in a good bite on her shoulder.  This did not go unnoticed,
and she leapt for me even as I was doing my best corgi reversal.   She
had my ear! as I continued to reverse, I could feel the blood flowing
over my head & face, the pain was unbearable!   The blood was
everywhere!  The whole pack watched in astonishment as the ground
turned red.  At this point the cowardly male crew member, who had
been hiding behind the dumpster, made an appearance & launched a well
placed kick at Bianca’s backside which was enough to make the cowards
turn and run.  As my ear was beyond repair, we took the fish cleaning
knife & cut away the damaged area,  I had to suffer wearing a paper
towel bandage for a few days.  Needless to say, I stayed below decks
rather than face the ridicule of neighboring yacht dogs.