San Francisco, getting ready!

Here are some pictures, no story yet,
Mostly we sailed, then worked on projects, sail, projects, sail, projects -
Some yummy food on occasion etc.
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Duke on Watch at the Navigation
Station, a favorite place for the senior
officers aboard (click for a better view).
Note from the crew regarding projects:  While David
feels he was the only person involved in projects- the
crew would point out that every project involved
repeated trips to the hardware store, home depot,
and/or west marine.  David eventually had to
bribe/threaten/intimidate individual crew members to
accompany him on his "quick trips" to the store for
"just one thing".  In desperation he even made Duke
walk to West Marine one day !
Rachel Visits Katherine & we all visit Angel Island
Duke & Justin check out some
seals at Pier 39, and we take
pictures of touristas taking our
Check out Katherine's Story
Regarding the escape of K & M
to Humboldt CA (upcoming).
Official Crew Photo's for The Baja HaHa
Mexican Ship
ROAR !!!

Tenacious Pictures from Golden Gate Bridge !
Photos Courtesy of Bert & Sheron Barnes
and special thanks to the Crew of Tenacious - Maureen,    
Duke, Justin & Katherine for battling the fog horns,   big
ferries, flying spreader lights and handling radio operations.
(Capt. David is still slightly miffed regarding the mutiny though)
Fleet Week and Tall Ship Parade 2005
So, during the tall ship parade, we almost got crashed into by a big Yawl with too many people
aboard and a distracted Captain (much too close).  At fleet week, a small sloop with a captain of
limited capabilities, clipped our anchor line, then crashed into the boat down current from us, and
pulled their anchor.

The Blue Angels were amazing though, all the crew was suitably impressed and deaf from the fly-bys.