Time Line of Life on Tenacious
July 4 - Dad and I arrive at the boat in Alameda.  We arrive too late to see the main firework show but
are able to catch a few from a distance.
July 6 - Father and I both go to meet my new Podiatrist.  I don't like the new doctor and my dad thinks
his prices are a bit on the high side.
July 12 - I get to leave the boat for a week to go to Antioch with my Aunt and Cousins.
July 15 - I spend the day at Oakland's Children's Hospital getting MRI and blood test.
August 31 - Last doctor appointment for my foot, confirming that it is now OK.
October 5 - Encinal Yacht Club for all HA HA'ers and all cruisers heading South.
October 13 - We all leave Marina Village and head to Berkeley to drop off a spare whisker pole and
then head to Richmond to spend the night and pick up crew to head to Long Beach.
October 14 - We depart Northern California, starting our trip South.
October 17 - We arrive at Long Beach Yacht Club after three days with
NO land.
October 18 - My sister and I depart the boat to spend two weeks at my Mom's house.
October 29 - We arrive back at the boat in San Diego. Two days before departure.
October 30 - Ha Ha Halloween party and get together before Race.
October 31 - 1100 Hours the Baja Ha Ha begins and we attempt to fill our spinnaker first to win a free
bottle of Pusser's Rum.  We don't win but the race and first leg to Turtle Bay begins.
November 3 - We arrive in Turtle bay passing the finish line for the first stage at 0545.  Later in the
day we go to a party at the Vera Cruz Restaurant.
November 4 - Beach Party at Turtle bay.  Lots of good food and I played Frisbee with Heidi and met
Jessica while playing volleyball.
November 5 -