Los Frailes
November 14th- November 20th
Day One: The first day in Los Frailes Justin and
Katherine went snorkeling with their new friends.  
There were tons of fish towards the deeper end
of the water. Katherine's favorite happened to be
the black and white polka dot puffer fish.
Day Two:  Justin, Joseph, and Katherine walked
to the only restaurant in Los Frailes.  The
restaurant is about a fifteen minute hike from
where we play at the beach.  The restaurant,
Quinto's, is a small "Palapa" with two plastic
tables and a few chairs.
Quinto's Restaurant
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Day Three:  Today Justin, David, Joe, and
Joseph climbed the mountain that
overlooks the bay,  Then, Katherine and
Justin's new friend, Joseph, swam to
Tenacious.  They played games while
David, Maureen, and Duke wandered to
the small restaurant.
Day Four:  Today there was a beach
party for all people anchored in Los
Frailes.  It was a potluck, so there was lots
of good food.
Los Frailes
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Day Five:  Today David left with some
neighbors and walked for two and a
half hours to get to the grocery store.  
The crew originally had planned to
leave tonight, but it did not happen.
Day Six:  Today we went to the beach
for the last time and we will leave the
next morning.

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