The Story of our Jungle
Trip in San Blas

    We began our trip at around six-thirty on the morning of Wednesday as we departed
Tenacious in our skiff.   The ride to the beach was cold and slightly uncomfortable.   Once we
landed though, morale was raised as Duke took care of his business and we began the short
trek to the River Trip place.  We boarded a “Ponga” and we were off.  
   In the beginning of our trip we saw many birds.  We also saw a bunch of trees and bushes
that varied in height and width.  Our ponga driver missed a few driving lessons in his day, but
he was still kind and pointed out the birds and crocodiles that lurked on either side of our
boat.  Maureen, David, and Duke were in the front seat and constantly squeaked every time
we saw the same birds over and over again.  


    An hour or so through our trip we landed at the “Crocodalio” or the Crocodile Farm.  Our
ponga driver gave us fifteen minutes to wander around and admire the different crocodiles
locked up in their miniature and torture filled cages.  Duke became wildly excited as he barked
and attempted a sneak attack through the fence so he could play with the crocodiles.  Luckily,
Maureen kept a firm hand on his leash and led him away towards the half pig/half wild boar
creatures that were further along the pathway.  Justin and David wandered elsewhere while
Maureen and Katherine watched the pig-like creatures as they all came to examine Duke
through the fence.  Towards the end of our allotted fifteen minutes, Justin and David
wandered over to Katherine and Maureen and the boys brought along a little friend.  The little
friend was a tiny, incredibly friendly tortoise-shell kitten.  As our family climbed back into our
assigned seats in the ponga, the kitten sat upon the steps and watched us motor off.
   Our trip continued on and we spotted a crocodile and more birds, which of course excited
the adults again.  About a half hour or so later, we landed at a small spring which is where
most of the river trippers dive in and take a swim, but since it was still early in the day we
were way to cold to try anything.  Next to the spring, there is a small restaurant which was
not open while we were there, but we sat at the tables and played a few rounds of cards while
enjoying the warm sunshine on our backs.  After around forty-five minutes of enjoying the
small rest, we hopped back into our ponga and began the trip back.

    Our trip back did not contain another crocodile encounter, but Katherine was lucky enough
to see a turtle.  And of course everyone saw the same batch of radical birds that had been
spotted numerous times on the trip.  The ride home was much quicker, for the guide was
putting the pedal to the metal and our family was flying through the water.  When we arrived
back at the ponga docks, we hopped off and walked to the restaurant.  David and Maureen had
omlettes, while Justin had a hamburger and Katherine snacked upon French toast!  All in all,
the trip was enjoyed by all members of the crew and they recommend the trip to any others
considering a visit to San Blas.
Huts in the river
Justin and Katherine enjoying their trip
    A birdy sunbathing                                             Justin and Katherine's view through     
                                                                                            most of the trip.