An Adventure from Isla Partida:
A Few Shrubs and Loose Rocks
 As our wild adventure through the Sea of Cortez continues, we find ourselves in
remote places such as Isla Partida.  Located North of La Paz, Mexico, this island is a
National Park with a few bays and superb snorkeling.  Our first stop on Isla Partida
was the bay Caleta Partida.  In Caleta Partida, there are two beaches and some
hills, which proved to be a complete adventure for the crew of Tenacious on Friday
the 16th of December.  Instead of school, the Captain  David choose to take his two
children on a wicked adventure up a rock cliff on the north east side of the bay.
      The hike started out easy enough, there were only a few bushes and small
rocks that had to be navigated across.  But, as the crew of three neared the trail’s
start, the easy terrain turned to large boulders and masses of auburn rocks that
dared the devious threesome to climb.  Fifty yards up the mountain side, they
stumbled upon some weird hole in the mountain side, possibly even a native’s
home.  Much to the dismay of Katherine, the cave turned out to be a wind cave with
many mini wind caves on the inside which obviously housed ravaging animals
during the night.
      As the wilderness hike continued and the sweat balls formed upon the crews
foreheads, the terrain grew rougher and the legs of our heroes stung slightly from
their battles with the bushes and rocks.  There was no sign of animal life other than
one small pile of scat that littered their trail and the markings of other humans who
had also conquered the ravine.
      Towards the end of their hike Katherine slipped and her finger was stabbed by
a thorn.  As she whined and begged to turn home, her brother was busily slicing a
piece of aloe from the hillside and applying it to her semi-swollen finger.  While the
aloe worked its magic, the family trudged further up the draw, anxiously awaiting
the view from the top.
      When Katherine’s finger was completely healed, she left her brother and father
to fend for themselves, and she climbed up a rock to get to a higher, less populated
slope.  Katherine reached the top first after crossing over weird hollow rock and
cactus devoured dirt.  Her brother was  a quick second and her father huffed and
puffed his way towards them.  After the pictures were taken and the “Ooohs” and
“Ahhhs” were said the freshly rested three began the ruthless climb back down.
      Justin practically ran down the canyon, while David and Katherine took their
time enjoying the last of their hike.   All and all the crew was happy to be back on
the boat after their climb, which was a close equivalent of the Lewis and Clark