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As of January 29th
we are in La Cruz
de Huancaxtle,
which is outside of
Puerto Vallarta.

Saturday February
4th- Monday
February 6th
Katherine spent in
a hotel with Heidi,
Heidi's mother and
a friend of the
Koho family.  It
was a much
needed getaway.

As of February
24th, we are still in
La Cruz de
Our amazing
Christmas Dinner,
with our good,
good friend Heidi.
A small child
enjoying the whale
riding attraction in
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Let me tell you about myself.

I am 15 and currently living on a
boat soaking up the delights of

I enjoy living in Mexico very much,
despite the fact that my home is
Boulder.  I have made quite a
superb group of friends down
here, some of which I will never

My dad and Maureen are quite
accommodating when it comes to
letting the kids stroll the town and
hang out at night, which is
awesome because I love being
able to get off the boat for awhile.

I love many things in life, some of
which happen to be music,
knitting, soccer, HARRY POTTER,
and reading.

I am very into music, I love it.  
Lately my ears revolve around Jimi
Hendrix, who is definitely my life
blood.  I also enjoy listening to LED
ZEPPELIN, and of course the
Rolling Stones.

All in all, this is my explanation of
me.  Ciao Bella.
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