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 We finally decide to leave Chacala (tough decision, but there are more
scenic bays to discover).  This morning though, it seems to take us forever to
get organized.  Pulling up the stern anchor proves no problem (other than a
lot of tired brain cells thinking about the process).  
Destination-Banderas Bay forty some odd miles south.  Whales have become
more plentiful down this way and we see several throughout the day.  Winds
are light so sadly the motor rumbles most of the day.  We pass Punta Mita
around dusk and see two whales breaching repeatedly in the near distance
just off the Tres Marietas Islands.  
We approach La Cruz, but the sun has left us, and no moon will be joining us.  
We search in vain for the anchorage, and radar tells us there are at least 40
boats to our port side.  We become a bit more nervous when we spot an
unlighted trawler a little too close for comfort in the darkness, and we head
out a bit to consider the state of things.  As we begin to come about to make
another pass by the anchorage, we hear a roaring dinghy motor approaching.  
"Looking for La Cruz?" a voice hollers out.  It's Sean and Adrienne from Tiki
Iti, last seen in Chacala, who noticed a passing boat and thought it might be us
! They lead us in between boats to a vacant spot near them and give us the
rundown on the area.  We were all very happy to have been greeted and led
safely in!
La Cruz remains a small fishing village just to the north of Puerto Vallarta,
complete with cobblestone streets, small town square, and many small
tiendas and restuarants.  
After a couple of nights in the outer part of the anchorage we decide to
move in and anchor closer to the breakwater.  Before anchoring we first head
out into the bay on a whale watching expedition.  We're not disappointed,
within 10 minutes we have one breaching close by.  In the next hour we see at
least 10 in the neighborhood.