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We decide to try Marina Palmira because they offer a sizable discount to Ha-Ha'ers.  We blast
into a rough landing at the fuel dock as a strong cross wind pushes us onto the dock.  A later
review of our landing attributes this to A)  Sleep deprivation and B) lack of practice (5 weeks
since docking).
We make a beeline for "
The Panga", the little restaurant below the marina office for
margarita's and food (we really hadn't eaten anything serious since we had left Los Frailes).  
David proceeds to check in at the office, and returns 1 1/2 hours later (you think we're slow!).
David and Maureen opt for showers and bed.  The kids of course find their friends from
Daydreams and Koho- and take off for who knows where until whenever they come home.
Thanksgiving Day!  A huge potluck is organized by Club Cruceros (cruisers club) at our marina.  
Maureen is adamant that we will be there early (not going to suffer a repeat of the Bahia Santa
Maria line experience).  No need to worry...David and Maureen both have seconds which we regret
later...  Editors note:  
Turkey Day Food comments on Davids Food Memories Page.
Our plan was to spend two weeks in La Paz -we spend three weeks between getting the fuel
tanks cleaned (this requires one visit by Coast Marine which is unsuccessful, a week of waiting for
their return, and a second visit which seems to have helped).  In the meantime-David installs a
pre-filter in the fuel line as well as a pump to assist in priming things in case we have the same
problem again.  A new water pump is installed, and a new solenoid to hopefully cure our starting
Don't get the wrong idea that it was all work,work,work.  We gave it our best effort to find the
best ceviche in town, as well as the best restaurant (see
David's page on the food of Mexico).  All
in all we loved La Paz-the marina was wonderful with 2 little restaurants, a cute little open air bar
complete with pool table  at which all the kids spent hours every day honing their skills.  They were
also able to head off into town to their favorite ice cream store at will without any worries.
- M
Bozo the clown (aka David
before his haircut) takes
on the children,
unsuccessfully I might add.
Katherine prepares
for a shot
preparations were in
full swing in La Paz.  
The two mile
beachfront boardwalk  
from our marina to
town was lined with
palm trees that were
covered with
christmas lights.
Gale (because he took his new
owners on Soulmate by storm),
was very interested in his new
neighbor (Duke) and ventured
off his boat to come take a look.
the nativity scene
near the marina,
and lo and behold
carefully check
out the audience
viewing the
nativity scene
Duke relaxes on one of the
collapsible chairs that
Justin receives from Axel
on Sea-Ya for his efforts
(See Ya disaster link)
Looking down the beach
towards La Paz at sunset.
Katherine bidding a fond
farewell to one of her
friends in La Paz
One of our colorful
sunsets in La Paz.
forget to look
the opposite
direction of
the sunset!
Oops, another
Can you really have too
many sunset pictures?
 Last but not least, here is Lucy!  Lucy blew in with several other geese in the
hurricane a couple of years back.  Fortunately for Lucy, she was not enjoyed by
the locals for dinner.  She lives in Marina Palmira and is fed by the local business
owners.  According to Raul (Coast Marine), if you're late with her goodies she
marches right in the front door and let's you  know about it.  She also paddles
around the boats and honks regularly just in case anyone has anything for her.  She
also can make quite a racket at 4 in the morning (sounding very similar to Godzilla).  
She definitely is one of the great personalities of La Paz.