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                                               All in all we'd had an easy trip (compared to some             
                                           other ha-ha'ers).  We were fortunate to have quiet seas        
                                           and little wind the day the water pump began spewing            
                                           water.  This required David's expertise at assembling a         
                                           spare rebuilt pump (seemed to be missing some parts,           
                                           but it worked ok for the time being).  We still had our bow
pulpit although slightly modified, one stanchion  was bent over at an odd angle (not
sure how that happened...).
  We were all at ease with the concept of no land being in sight and swells big enough
that you lose sight of any other boats (and their masts) when you were at the bottom
of the swells.  None of us were overexcited about night watches, which once you were
out of bed, were mostly about watching for falling stars, checking the radar screen
and pretending to be awake.  
  We spent a minimal amount of time here, just long enough to hit all the Ha-Ha
parties, awards ceremony (how did we finish 2nd in our division?), and prepare for our
next adventure.  The kids continued to get to know other Ha-Ha kids, fortunately
most of whom were heading north along our route (as opposed to heading across to
Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta as many of the other boats did).  
  We decided to leave bright and early Tuesday morning - took Duke to the beach for
a quick romp, then back to the boat and prepare to depart.  OK, well so 9 then 10, oops
it's 11 already?  But we're going today, aren't we?  Noon, then one, well maybe  we
should stay and go snorkeling and leave bright and early tomorrow? HMMMMM, well
no, at 1:30 we actually weigh anchor and began to depart.  OOPS! We have to tell the
port captain we're leaving!!  Turn around, head back in til we can make contact...Now
we're leaving , really...
  Bahia Los Frailes here we come!  Well for once we're not sailing downwind, and the
winds are very light, time to figure out what this staysail does!  Hmm,, works great,
but we really need to go north, not east!  We spend 2 hours tacking out and back
without making any headway towards our destination - convince D to turn the engine on
again, and we pull into Frailes at 2 am.  We lose another lure & fishing line while
anchoring since we forget to pull it in before reversing, but the anchor's set and the
crew can stand down....
The Arch, Numero Uno
Landmark at Cabo San Lucas
leg 3 chart
Next leg to Frailes
Post Ha-Ha
Cool, it's not a Ha Ha boat, but
it's our first sight of a big live
aboard kitty.  This boat was
pretty small and very rolly in
the big swells here, but Mr. Cat
just hung out on the rail.
K and Jessica (new bud) on
beach ready to Parteee !
Cabo San Lucas - Beach from our boat

       OK, leg three of the HaHa!  We're almost there!  We start out bright and early at 6
am, light winds require our spinnaker from the get go.  Winds build nicely  and we cover 85
miles in 9.5 hours!   As the sun goes down we contemplate dropping the spinnaker, but
we're making good time ...then the cruise ship gets in our way, David falls off and gybes the
main.  We are going from a deep broad reach to dead-down-wind and we will be poled out
wing-and-wing.   Just a little more, well the wind is 24 knots, wow we are flying, the
spinnaker fills, and than WHAM-something breaks, spinnaker is flailing...guess we'd better
bring it down!  When after all was said & done, just a sheet snapped - we be lucky dogs this
time !   On through the night,  and the morning, and mid-day.  Only 2 hours motoring on this
leg :)    We anchored off the hotel zone in Cabo around 1 pm !  Maureen & Duke hopped on a
water taxi pronto to go find solid ground, air conditioning, and something to cure a bad
The Grand Pooh-Bah
Start of 3rd Leg
okay, so maybe we can't
actually sail as fast as
a 63 foot cat with a
full size spinnaker