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  We started leg two bright and early after two days of
rest in Turtle Bay.  The winds were great, at one point we
covered 74 miles in  10 hours!
  Midafternoon of day two, while the spinnaker was up,
we caught a huge tuna!  We had lost our first one by not
slowing down enough while trying to pull him in, so this time
we hove to (with the spinnaker poled out no less), and
hauled our 75 pound fish aboard.  Duke was put below to
avoid any altercations with mr. fish- and the rest of us
abandoned David as soon as he made the first slice into
the fish.  Unfortunately fish juice infiltrated the remote
plug-in for the auto pilot during the operation, so Maureen
had to return to the cockpit and straddle fish parts while
steering the boat!  It was a stinky two hours, but we had
fresh tuna steaks on the barbecue for dinner!!                     
     Unfortunately, since our dc fridge system had given up
on us upon departing San Diego, we ended up giving away
all but 3 meals to the other cruisers in Bahia Santa Maria.  
We crossed our imaginary finish line around midnight the
second night, I turned the helm over to David at 2 am, and
he woke us up at 4 am to anchor in Santa Maria (naturally
my first thought when he tried to wake me up was "it's
not my watch!")

  Bahia Santa Maria is a huge, absolutely beautiful bay,
with just a few fishing huts on the beach over in a corner.  
Again we had two lovely relaxing days, and a party on the
beach.  There  is no town nearby, but the closest village
(over in Magdalena bay), brings all  the makings for lobster
& shrimp dinner, a band shows up, and there's plenty of
beer.  This was important because we actually stood in line
for 5 hours to get our dinner!             -M
The only way to bring mr.
fish aboard was to hoist
him in with the engine hoist
from our deck
A great bar band !!
Played all the best
new & old stuff.
The kids continue to work
on their vollyball skills
OMG - A pile of little lobster
tails.  David made sure to order 2
dinners, one Lobster & Shrimp,
the other Lobster & Fried Fish  :)  
    Absolutely one of the best
meals we have had, all trucked in
over 8 hrs of dirt roads and
prepared about 10 meals at a time
(for 600 people), by a crew of
Madres y Abuellas
The Parking Lot
at the Party
Leg Dos chart

Aargh he's a
fine one matey's
(Maureen likes
that pirate talk!)