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Of course the 3-4 night stay in the marina turned into 5 (but by now you understand how our schedule works).   
Please note, among the attractions at Marina Puerto Vallarta there are 2 Gelato tiendas in the Marina to be
surveyed (TWO count um TWO!) and so many flavors each...  The final evening we all headed into the artisans
market in town and David (mr. tightwad himself) splurged on a set of handblown glassware first seen at the
Mango Grill in La Cruz.  After a very yummy meal at an authentic local restaurant we then made it to the Malecon
in time to watch the "pole dancers" do their thing at sundown.  The pictures don't do it justice, but it was
Editors note: "Pole Dancers" here doesn't mean the same thing as "Pole Dancers" at the local club ...
Saturday morning found Justin in the bosun's chair at the top of the mast doing a top to bottom cleaning of all the
rigging.  Saturday afternoon we pulled out of the marina and headed west across Banderas Bay for the
overnighter up to Mantanchen bay (San Blas).   (NOTE, If you have all of your underwear hanging on the lifelines
as you drive through the marina, you might just be a redneck)     
Not much sailing as the meager wind was from the north as usual, but we were happy to have calm seas.  We
pulled into the bay the following morning at 7:30, but Duke's beach trip was delayed while further repairs to the
dinghy were made.  We had already noticed a much higher level of activity on the beach than we had seen in
January.  Of course it was the beginning of Semano Santos (holy week), the Easter celebration is the biggest
holiday throughout Mexico.
By 10 am the beaches were wall to wall cars, and the ramadas were packed. Duke enjoyed a lengthy stay on the
beach as Maureen and David tried out a new restaurant (luckily Duke never noticed the two ferrets on leashes
scuttling about nearby).
One of our neighbors, Dave (
Deja Too) stopped by and we gave him the scoop on the town.  Early the next
morning we caught up with Norm on the radio and made a run for the estuary as high tide was just upon us.  
pulled up anchor and followed us in.  Once inside, we were amazed to have the estuary to ourselves as last
January there had been 6-8 boats in there.  We  quickly (at least Kath & Maureen) agreed that we had forgotten
how miserable the no see-ums were, and decided to limit our stay (of course making time to purchase more
banana bread and some of David's favorite oatmeal cookies).  We dropped in on
Deja Too with some homemade 3
pepper salsa and in turn were treated to a couple rounds of very good Gin & Tonics.  
Deja Too is a home built Cat
out of Vancouver and is really well designed & constructed.  She is about 40 feet (?), has 2 Yamaha 9.9 outboards
and can sail and/or motor faster than we can.
The third birthday of the group was the big "18" for Justin, so he and David hit the road and headed up to Tepic
for the day to do some shopping while Kath & Maureen tried to convince them to stay longer (K & M had their
sights on a night in the nice hotel in town), but no luck.
A birthday dinner was enjoyed at a Chinese restaurant with Norm & Jan (sheriffs of San Blas), Dave and Judy
Deja Too), and all of us (sans Duke).  The following night David & Maureen had a very enjoyable dinner at the
San Blas social Club (Maureen's favorite margaritas), and we sat on the balcony overlooking the town square.  We
enjoyed stories from Joe, the owner of the club (originally from San Francisco, CA), who dropped by to visit and
bum a cigarette when his chef's duties had slackened.   
High tide the morning of the 13th found us on our way out the estuary bound for Mazatlan to meet up with
(Katherine's good friend Kristi)   
Happy Crew &
Happy Morale Officer
New acuaintance
Deja Too follows
us into the estuary
at San Blas
Happy Happy Couple enjoying
another delectable meal in Mexico
The Track
departing Puerto Vallarta on a clear day?  Or so we thought.
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