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Last real updates were May 15, maybe we will add some more
later, we do have some good pictures, just too much going on
back in civilization right now.
and David Dodds
Fall 2007, This old page is not being updated any longer, just memories
Tenacious sold in the Fall of 2006.  She is now "Gypsy Soul" and
in the late spring of 2007 crossed over back to the South Pacific.  We
hear from Glen and Barb aboard
Gypsy on occasion, and have had the
pleasure to offer useful (or not so useful) suggestions on how to
deal with problems ranging from Engine failure to toilet failure.
They are having a great adventure aboard a boat we truly loved.
We most likely will never sail aboard another boat as beautiful
and protective of her crew as Tenacious (5 figure donations
gladly accepted, just in case).
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